Aug 26, 2014 vote JOHNNY G FARIAS
For Community Council District 15 SubArea 154

Bio & Intro


There's nothing extraordinary to tell. My parents are both immigrants, my Mother and Father are Ecuadorian and a Cuban Step Father who raised me from the age of nine. I am the oldest of four children. I grew up in Brooklyn, NYC and graduated from East New York Vocational Technical High School where I took Architectural Drafting and Electrical Installation.
After, High School I joined the United States Navy where I pursued the electronic/electrical field. In which I completed several programs which in turn led me to become a licensed electrician. In 1990, my last duty station was Homestead Air Force base. Where my wife, Bobbi of 22 years and I have raised our children right here in Miami. We have five children, three boys and two girls. My oldest son Leo (22) attends A.M.D.A. (American Music Drama Academy studying musical theatre). My daughters’ Christina (22) & Jessica (20) are currently attend Miami-Dade College (Christina pursuing Corporate law with Business Management and Jessica, Elementary Education), and my two younger boys Johnny (12) attends Zelda Glazer Middle & Christopher (10) attends Bent Tree Elementary.
I've been a business owner for six years now building my electrical company "Electrical Masters", and at times working for other electrical firms when times were slow. This allows me to participate with my children’s school activities and be very involved with PTA and Guardian at Litem (A voluntary program which appoints Guardians to displaced children).
I consider myself to be a goal oriented person with high expectations for myself and my community. I am dedicated individual who welcomes challenges and does not back down when times get difficult. What I bring to the table is a lot of heart and true life experience and determination of the common person, worker and family man.

One of us, representing us

Many of you may not recognize me, but you do know me, I am just like you. I am not a Consultant, Attorney or Politician. I am an electrician, a 9 to 5 or in my case 7 to 6:30 and sometimes later blue collar worker just like all of you. I was a Girl Scout Leader, and am a PTA Member, and a Guardian At Litem. I have been volunteering for many things and there is no need to mention all of them. I as you can notably see am an advocate for children. But, the most important role I play in our Community is I am a Father of five.

You may be asking yourself what I can do for you as Councilman. Well the answer is simple. I will represent each and every one of you for exactly what we stand for “The Hard Working Class”. The ones that get’s up every morning sometimes even on Saturdays and work all day to come back home and attend to our children’s activities on and off school grounds.

I will no longer accept for the so called pop up schools in our neighborhoods to add to the traffic problem we already have. I will be vigilant that our neighborhoods stay just that, a place called home. I refuse to give up our retreat to the bog commercial boom that want to build in our backyard.

Why am I doing this, well I am tired of waiting in traffic because of the building of so much unneeded construction? The traffic is unbearable, and I am living this, we are living this.

As, Councilman I will be sure to make the Commissioner be more aware of our community needs. I am also tired of our tax dollars going to unnecessary spending and projects that are not beneficial to our community. Streets in our community that have been worked on two and three times when originally were fine. Well, if we need to fix one lets do it right the first time and leave it done right. And, don’t let me start on the tolls.

I will set up monthly community meetings to hear all your ideas, at times that we can attend. Where you do have an input and say, and yes it will go directly to our Commissioners. We need someone that is not afraid to say no to big interest and stand up for the people.


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