June 8 – District 9 County Commissioner candidate, Councilman Johnny G. Farias released the following statement Saturday, June 8th after appearing at the Mother’s Demand Action anti-gun violence event in Gould’s Park.

I remember growing up in New York in the late 70’s and 80’s, how I wanted to desperately leave Brooklyn because of the violence that was all around me.

And while it was a military transfer that initially brought me down to South Florida, I stayed in Miami-Dade because I did not want to raise my children around the violence that I experienced in NYC.

As a child, there was very little that I could do to stem that violence. Now, as I see what’s going on here, I have a chance to do something about it.

That’s why I wear orange.

To raise the awareness of violence in all its forms — on the streets, in the schools and in the home.  To stop the slaughter of innocents both in the wake of murderous cowards and those killed by unsecured firearms.  To remember not only the men and women in blue killed in the line of duty but those  in our community who have been killed by police brutality.

This senseless violence has to stop – for everyone. All of our residents deserve to have streets, schools and homes that are free from the kind of violence that not only kills loved ones but also seriously traumatizes survivors way long after shots are fired.  They deserve to have elected leaders who are dedicated problem solvers – those who will work night and day to discover new solutions and strengthen existing laws to reduce this epidemic.

So we wear orange and will continue to wear orange because we have the faith that together, we can stem the violence. Most importantly, we wear orange so that our children and their children will someday will  not have to.